Welcome to my website. I am a Licensed Real Estate Broker assisting buyers and investors on prime properties here in the Philippines.

Acquiring a property may not be as simple as it looks. Whether you are a newly-wed couple, a growing family, or simply someone needing to leave the family home, my mission is to guide you acquire your dream home; or that needed property if you are into investing or looking for a good business location.

Integrity, Honesty and Patience are values I highly regard in the practice of my profession. This much I also expect also from the people I deal with so that mutual trust and confidence can be built between me and my clients.

It is my conviction to find you that property best suited for your needs, your lifestyle and your finances, best achieved through my network of Real Estate Professionals. My being an accountant, though non-practicing, enables me to give also financial advises on estate planning and investing on properties. I also assist spouses in their extra-judicial properties and estate taxes.

Please feel free to browse through my listings. You may leave your name and contact details if you need further help so I can reply to your queries as soon as possible.

It is in the best interest of the public that made me decide to take this profession who might otherwise be exploited by devious and unlicensed individuals whose personal motive is putting their own limitless self-gain above the needs of others.

“RESPs shall protect and promote with prudence, integrity, loyalty, fidelity and good faith the interest of their clients without sacrificing the legitimate interest of the other party in the transaction which shall not be contrary to the law, good morals and public interest.”

Thank you for visiting my site!


Rosa Maria B. Cruz
Licensed Real Estate Broker, PH
PRC Lic. No. 18773
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